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Welcome to This Girl 

Created in 2020, our online & in person community was built on the beauty of storytelling.

Immersing yourself into your business has to start with understanding your true, unapologetic self.

We offer a collaborative & positive online networking community with multiple events to support your personal wellness & professional development.


Come and co-work at our boutique HQ in Staffordshire and indulge in our wellness studios.

This Girl has a story, Let's start with yours:


How We Can Support

Online and in Person Networking

Events and Symposiums

Women's Alchemy Leadership Workshops

Book our Office Space and Wellness Studio

Wellbeing consultancy and support

Lived Experience Accredited Facilitator (LEAF) Workshops


Networking Academies

This Girl Launch Video

THIS GIRL Women-s Mental Health
Play Video

Positive Affirmations

I don't care who the competition is
I am creating the life of my dreams
A girl who is going on to bing things can't let the small things get to her
This is just the beginning
I am becoming the best version of myself
Take a Moment to appreciate how far you've come

Meet Our Community

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