Business Development

Working in the industry for more than 20 years has shown time and time again that business development is the part of a role most recruiters struggle with. I will work with your team / business to review your sales strategy and focus on growing your client base. 



Client care is paramount in any business but things can occasionally go wrong. Let us take a look at your historic client list and collaborate to get them back on board!. We will realign your business to their needs and work towards a strategy plan to engage with them for future business.



Your team may have been coached with various management styles across their career. I work on a 121 with them to identify what works best and adapt this in to your business across all areas of their role. Allowing you as a business owner to adapt yourself to get the best out of your team. 



Let’s take a look at how you market yourself. Who is your captive audience. Where do you promote your brand?. What does your website look like?. Could you do more…

HR Services

Most small businesses don’t have a lot of HR issues but when you do, do you want to pay hefty fees to corporate companies? We have a team of dedicated and qualified HR professionals on hand to support with your personnel queries and to work alongside you with full remote support. 




What experience does your candidate have when you are taking them through on boarding for their next role? Typically an agency will review their process no more than once a year – We take on this project with passion and ensure your candidate journey is engaging, fun, professional and stress free. Providing support and guidance to your recruiters to ensure they are on the journey every step of the way with each candidate. This will include, advertising, screening, telephone interviews, interviews, assessment centres and final stage on boarding. 


As you grow your team you can fall victim to taking on the wrong hire in a bid to get someone in the seat and working a desk. It is our pleasure to use our extensive network and to find you the best talent and fit for your business. Let us take the headache out of YOUR recruitment. 

Industry trends/


Every successful business should keep their eye on market trends, change and analysis. We can provide you with informative information to keep for your own use or indeed use as part of your marketing to demonstrate your fluency in the market place. 

back office/


Every recruitment team has those tasks that always go to the bottom of the list. We can bring your office up to speed and help take away those mundane duties. Updating systems, reviewing adverts, renewal of contracts, service calls etc. 



We all lead busy lives and sometimes a business hug is needed. It is good to have someone to bounce ideas off, accompany you to meetings, assist in writing bids, have a moan, celebrate success and be on hand if you just need to talk.  Wellness is the key to success and a problem shared is a problem halved. 


If you are juggling too many tasks in your business currently and feel that any of the above are in need of extra support, please do get in touch to find out more about how This Girl can collaborate with you to give you the freedom and comfort of a business hug.