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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a minimum contract term to become a


No you can sign up to become a member today and cancel your subscription at any time.


Can I pay monthly or is it a one off payment?

You can pay monthly via our secure payments section of the website. A standing order will automatically be set up once you become a member. The payment is taken on the 1st of every month.

When do I receive my gratitude box?

Your box will be received on or around the 15th of every month via Royal Mail.


Can I return the gratitude box for a refund?

The gratitude box is part of your monthly subscription so we wouldn't issue a refund or accept a box unless it was faulty.


Can I cancel my subscription?

Yes you can cancel your standing order at any time and also set it up again at any time. There is no contract.


Can I choose what I get in my subscription box?

We ask you to complete a short questionnaire when you sign up. This enables us to know what you would and wouldn't like to receive. We will also choose a product based on your preferences.

Why would I become a member of This Girl?

Meet new people, network and tell your This Girl story. Share ideas and unite as positive women. In addition to our amazing community you receive useful tips to help your career and wellbeing. As a full member you also receive a monthly gratitude box to thank you for supporting us. 


Who are your nominated charity blOKes?

blOKes are a small independent charity committed to supporting male mental health. We are positive about creating a platform for women and also to give them a voice to reach out and get help for the males in their lives. 


Are all the webinars and networking events virtual or will they be face to face too?

Due to lockdown all our forums and networking are done via zoom. We will look to having meet ups throughout the year but this cannot be confirmed yet due to COVID.

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