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Dear Younger me

I always wondered what I would say to my younger self who was bright eyed and eager to learn, who wasn’t the popular kid or had the correct fashionable items. Instead I was pretty much doing my own thing and waiting for my time to shine and leave my hometown.

Even then as a teen I was headstrong and determined to get away from the petty school insults and cliches. Keeping my head down to get my schoolwork done and look after my mum and brother after my parents messy divorce was the only thing I knew. I didn’t want to go out partying getting drunk or taking drugs, it was never part of my plan, and besides I was a homebird.

So if I met my younger self today and we sat and had a chat, this is what I would tell her as I don’t think its said often enough to young people.

Dear younger me,

I know you are going through a range of emotions and thoughts right now, from school, boys, life, family worries, but I promise you things will get better.

If you could see yourself in the future, it may not be down the route you planned but that doesn’t mean it’s a bad thing. Of course, there will be hardships along the way, and sometimes there feels like no way out, but you are far stronger and yes you are incredibly determined to achieve your dreams.

Learn from mistakes and events that don’t go your way, as there will always be opportunities out there. As for friends, you will mostly lose all those ‘close’ hometown friends, but you will meet some amazing and inspiring people along the way and that’s your chance to learn from them. I mean this, you will meet some amazing people and you will not expect them but those are the people who have your back and will support you.

It’s ok to be different and not follow the conventional path if you don’t want to, people may not approve of your ways, but tough its your life after all!

I truly want you to believe in yourself and show all those who doubted you that you will be independent, successful and ready to go on adventure as the memories you make will be magical.

I believe in you younger me, and the experiences we have been through have taught us important life lessons but do not define us.

Go wild homebird and see what a bookworm and introvert can become, I’m sure you will be surprised.

Love from your slightly older and wiser (I think) me

p.s. get your nose out of the book!


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