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Don't stress! Won't stress! Mustn't stress!

In today's society we spend so much time on our phones, living at a fast pace and not always looking after ourselves. Is this the reason we find it so hard to take "time out" for ourselves. Stress can manifest itself in ways we may not even be aware of -

When did you last get a good nights sleep?

Do you sleep too much?

Do you eat too much / too little and what are you eating?

Did you put off that workout and watch a film instead?

We don't realise it when we lead busy lives but it is typically making those small changes that can make the biggest difference to our stress and anxiety levels.

This Girl Consultancy spoke to Katie Ruddock recently who is training to become a counsellor. Her approach to managing her wellbeing offers a great insight in to how we can all take stock of our current pace of living and managing your own self care.

Katie says "Personally, I try to ensure a consistent and holistic approach to managing my own well-being. I have daily practices for my mind and body, which I call my “non-negotiables”. These daily practices help me to keep my stress levels at bay, which include; 10 minute meditations in the morning and evening, 5 minute breath work techniques (7/11 breathing technique), and exercise. I try to set a morning/evening routine that is realistic and allows me to ground myself.

When I notice an increase in stress levels, I do something that gives me a sense of ‘being in the moment’ and enjoyment. This could be picking up the phone to chat with a friend, taking a walk in nature, going for a sea dip, or listening to my favourite music playlist. Life can be incredibly demanding, so sometimes it’s important to pause, take a step back and ask yourself “what do I need?” – self-care is showing up for yourself!

I also think writing things down can help – try to identify things that are off balance in your life, for example not enough down time. Also try to be specific when it comes to managing stress – what is it that is weighing on your mind? How can you alleviate some of that pressure? Do you need to delegate tasks or lean on others for support?"

In the digital world we live in, it is so easy to lose sight of these important factors that can shape how we live day to day.

If you are experiencing heightened stress levels please reach out to us at and we would love to share our unbiased approaches to managing your personal wellbeing.

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