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Stress Awareness Month 2021

Stress has a way of manifesting itself in different forms - We have all experienced stress in our day to day lives but it is how it takes hold of you that can have a lasting impact on our mental health and those around us.

This Girl Consultancy spoke to Carol May who is a renowned health coach, she openly discussed her own battles with weight gain and how she coped with tragic life events and circumstances by overeating. This had a devastating impact on her own mental health and wellbeing. Carol has fundamentally shaped her own destiny by rewriting the next chapter of her life, getting herself in to a positive mindset, managing her weight and she now coaches and inspires people through her business All Shapes & Sizes Solutions. Carol shares her coping mechanisms with us on how she manages stress and overcoming a food addiction.

"After experiencing not just overwhelm but a breakdown and Adrenal Fatigue (in the last 12 years) + a lifetime of chronic stress and depression, my body has become very sensitive to stress.

So:1. I have to rest. Preferably take at least a whole day off initially and go out. I love being by the beach or in the countryside in peace and quiet! I need time alone in peace and quiet, time in which to process and just to BE. During lockdown I would go to the river if it wasn't a weekend and just sit there. Otherwise, I might sleep more or even just put on a Netflix series and binge watch! My previous go-to behaviour was to eat, normally carbs, but that was just my habitual way to avoid my feelings..... Now I allow my thoughts and feelings to come through, I sit with them, acknowledge them and then allow them to drift away".

"Both my adult children suffer from stress - so I ring them regularly and encourage them to talk about it. I just listen. We all ned to be 'heard' and acknowledged. I may make suggestions or just ask them questions so they find their own answers".

"As a society we have become used to constant stress and anxiety - it's almost a badge of honour! Yet, if we knew how to process our thoughts, feelings and emotions and we were more emotionally resilient, there wouldn't be this level of stress in the first place! I believe these skills need teaching in schools as well as in the workplace. We ALL need these skills in order to navigate modern life".

"Some of the basic psychological skills I teach my clients need to be common knowledge! Part of our school curriculum and also available in every workplace.

The last year has shown us just how little knowledge most people have about their mental and emotional health, or how stress affects our physical health! Treat the cause instead of just the symptoms!!".

If you are experiencing stress and would like to know more information about Carol's story or how we can support you please reach out to us


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