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Stress Awareness Month 2021

Verity Hart is proof that no matter what challenges life throws at you they can be overcome.

Over the past 12 months she has setup an amazing business

She took time out recently to chat to us about how she combats stress.

Exercise is absolutely key to help me manage my stress levels. I am a Boxer.....

When I am doing drills on the punch bag or following instructions from my coach it is like a form of meditation. This may seem strange to some as meditation is typically perceived as a form of relaxation - Boxing to me offers me the same sense of release.

I get the same feeling when I go to my local dance school, getting lost in music and movement is a great stress buster.

Journalling is a key part of my day to day life, I tend to find stress creeps up on me at bedtime so I write my thoughts and I look for what is within my control, I have learnt to put to one side anything I am unable to control.

I consider myself to be a fairly empathetic person and in some cases I have a bit of a sixth sense. Having struggled with anxiety myself I am tuned in to recognising signs in others and by offering people a safe space and in most cases someone to just listen to them is what is needed. Laughter for me is a great diffuser of stress, I love to lighten the mood with humour although I would never look to belittle someones issues, I simply like to add perspective.

Employers need to ensure that the information and understanding of how stress manifests and can affect individuals is educated to the whole workforce, that way we can all be looking out for one another. I find this more relevant than ever now businesses have remote teams there has to be more emphasis on wellbeing and ensuring those individuals feel supported. If employees become notably withdrawn, aggressive, tired, late for meetings or are seemingly hiding behind a smile but aren't delivering results a business should be equipped to manage this effectively even if remotely. are committed to combatting stress and have many members who share their stories, tips and experiences. If you are feeling isolated or stressed, please reach out to us for information on how to maintain a positive level of wellbeing.


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