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Stress Awareness Month April 2021

In the rat race of life it is easy to forget the simplest of things that make us happy. Caroline Taylor an experienced outsourcing professional recently spoke to us about how she de-stresses and it highlighted perfectly that the things that make us happiest are indeed the simple things.

Music - There is no better pick me up than a great song. It triggers an emotion of memory or an uplift of adrenalin to get you dancing around the kitchen. Caroline's go to songs are Paul Mccartney Golden Slumbers and California Dreamin by The Mamas and The Papas.

Pets - My pets give me purpose as they rely on me, They give me a huge sense of wellbeing and love that allows me in that moment to destress. My dog Delboy and my hens Henry, Tweetie Pie, Gracie, Alice and Cooper are a great sense of security for me.

Comedy - A good laugh at your favourite sketch show, film or classic comedy is always a great pick me up. With so much negativity on the news daily I much prefer to enjoy a light hearted show on the TV to lift my spirits.

Meditation - I have practiced Metta and deep breathing for some time now, It gives me an opportunity to disconnect from daily stresses and focus purely on me and my body. Combining this with a herbal tea I owe it to my body & mind each day to reconnect with the moment.

Spending this time on yourself if so important when stress is as the forefront of our minds. Living in the here and now allows us to switch on the radio, take five minutes for yourself and focus on what is important rather than worrying.

For more tips on how to utillise day to day tasks as a form of stress release, please get in touch with


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