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This Girl supports Male Mental Health...

As a community are committed to the ongoing wellbeing of our female members and ambassadors. We regularly discuss how we can be more astute to supporting the males in our lives. Whether that be partners, family members, friends or work colleagues.

#malementalhealth has become a focal topic of discussion and what more men can do to support each other. We feel it is equally as important to raise awareness of how women can support men too and recognise signs of change and a time to step in to support/help.

One of our ambassadors Sean Hewitt of The Trusted Business Community Association recently spoke about how he manages his own day to day mental health and wellbeing.

During the working day I take regular breaks stepping away from the computer for periods of time. As I work from home I step out to the garden as much as I can to allow myself the chance to breathe fresh air and clear my mind. I also do grounding and breathing sessions

throughout the day whilst I am working.

If I notice someone in my household may be needing support I channel this through quiet discussion and support through helping them around the house to give themselves time to relax.

Working remotely we all meet up online regularly. For our members we have launched the Friday Drop-In Coffee Break an online Zoom meeting that isn't about networking (albeit working relationships have been developed) but more of a place to alleviate the isolation from working remotely by coming together every Friday morning between 9am and

12 noon to simply chat and have a cuppa break with others in similar

situations, creating a bond and friendship and a platform of support for

anyone wishing to join in at some point during the morning. This is also a personal stress reliever for me as I look forward to the sessions and love learning about new businesses as well as meeting new people.

Stress causes mental health issues and other health problems such as high blood pressure and heart failure.

More businesses should adopt a policy within the workplace to offer counselling and support to make sure their staff have access to this support reducing time off and improving productivity, but ultimately caring for their employees


If you are looking to gain further information on Sean and his business please visit www.


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