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Helen Parsons

Helen Parsons

Operational Strategist for This Girl
In House Resident This Girl HQ

Say hello to Helen, the dynamic force behind 'Just Ask Helen', an expert strategist and your personal compass navigating the intricate world of social media and business development.

She's not just an expert guide, but a hands on co-creator, employing her signature approach, 'Values, Vibe, Tribe', to sculpt strategies that echo your unique ethos and aesthetic.

The result?

Content that doesn't just look good, but feels right, aligns with your vision, and resonates with your audience.

Helen's secret sauce is a cocktail of creativity, curiosity, and resilience that equips her perfectly as a social media consultant. She caters to a wide array of clients, not only amplifying their online presence but also bolstering their digital confidence.

Steeped in a rich array of roles including Head of Learning & Organisational Development, Flight Sgt, Course Manager, and Instructor in the Royal Air Force, plus various positions in consultancy, senior management, coaching, and mentoring, Helen brings to the table a wealth of wisdom distilled from diverse experiences.

Education is paramount to Helen, and although she has an impressive array of qualifications, she believes that the true measure of knowledge is in its application. Her competence is best exhibited through her dedicated work with you.

With Helen, you can traverse the digital landscape with confidence, and create content that's more than just pixels on a screen - it's a reflection of you.

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