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Linnet Nyawara

Linnet Nyawara

This Girl is ready to reset - Life after the relationship ends

With over a decade of lived experience in divorce, breakup, and single parenthood, I understand the depths of emotional turmoil and the journey towards healing. Navigating through immigration struggles, homelessness, and debt while pursuing higher education in my forties, I've emerged with resilience and insight.


Drawing from both African and Western experiences, I offer a compassionate and empathetic perspective. As an accredited breakup and divorce coach and certified life coach, I provide a safe and nurturing space for transformation. With RESET with Linnet, my mission is to unlock emotional healing by helping you FEEL understood, overcome what you've FELT, and discover what I've FOUND. Together, we navigate from chaos to calm, from turmoil to peace, guiding you towards inner strength and empowerment.


I can help you turn your post-breakup pain/unforgiveness into healing with Calm, Confidence and Dignity.

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