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Lisa Perry

Lisa Perry

In House Resident This Girl HQ

My cabi journey started nearly 5 years ago at a pivotal point in my life, when there was a lot going on with my health and my family.

I was receiving treatment for breast cancer, for the second time, and then I lost my mum. These two events were life-changing, as you would expect.

I discovered cabi through a friend who was attending a cabi fashion stylist evening. She knew that, in the middle of the turmoil I was going through, cabi would shine a much needed light of positivity into my life. And it did!

The support, encouragement and sense of community I experienced through cabi, was invaluable at what could otherwise have been a very dark time for me.

And, with my confidence, and body image taking a knock as a result of the treatments I received, the cabi clothing was instrumental in helping me to reclaim those things. The clothes really did make me feel a million dollars, at a time when my body did not.

And so my cabi journey began.

💕I want to pay forward the incredible support, experience, sense of community, confidence and collaboration that I had experienced, to other women.

💕I want women to feel how I’d felt.

💕I want women to embrace their bodies and feel comfortable in their own skin.

💕I want women to be invited into the community I was now thriving in.

💕I want women to feel the joy, sense of belonging, team spirit, incredible warmth and passion that embodies cabi.

💕I wanted women to feel alive again.

👗 HOW can you get involved? 👗

👗Gather for a cabi Fashion Experience

🎟Join a virtual Front Row Experience

👗Schedule a Personal Styling Session

✨Receive cabi each month with Curated by cabi

📱 Download cabi Tap


✨Hear first about New Arrivals

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I look forward to introducing you to the world of cabi - wonderful things await you 💕

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