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Claire Rushton-Plant

Claire Rushton-Plant

Host of This Girl is a Mum.....and SO much more!

I am a mum of three plus one fur baby.

I am a former High School English teacher, with 20 years experience in the classroom and various roles within education. At the end of the summer holidays 2022, I walked away from my career as I wanted to be able to support students with their mental health and felt as though my hands were tied.

I decided to leave the classroom behind 18 months ago to support children from the age of 3 with learning how to look after their mental health and well-being. I saw first hand, the sheer volume of children struggling with coping techniques and wanted to be part of the solution rather than adding to the problem. This was something that had risen dramatically following the COVID lockdowns.

MiniMe Mindfulness teaches children about a range of internal superpowers, helping children to build their confidence, resilience and to recognise and regulate their emotions. Children leave each session with a superpower that they can put into action there and then to support their well-being. I love working with children in this way, watching them grow and build a range of mindfulness and mindset tools that they can use in their everyday life to help cope with life's ups and downs.

Claire also works with older children and adults to learn how to use mindfulness and a range of mindset techniques to encourage confidence, resilience and emotional regulation. Supporting businesses in particular with their employee well-being, helping to reduce work related stress, increase staff retention and reduce absence.

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