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Helen James

Helen James

Wellness Studio Manager This Girl HQ

Helen is a BANT Registered Nutritional Therapist specialising in Women's health, hormonal conditions, gut health, and pain management through diet lifestyle, and supplements if appropriate.

She helps busy midlife women find balance, energy, and joy, amidst the chaos of today's demands and pressures. She understands your challenges and struggles with self-care time and the exhaustion and wasted efforts of following the latest fad diet. Helen meets you where you are - no judgment or overwhelm. She holds your hands through making changes in your lifestyle and environment

Helen is a firm believer that we need to look at our health as many different layers, not just diet and movement, but also how we think and how we rest/relax. She has helped over 150 women since starting her business in 2018.

Helen holds 1:1 sessions online or at the This Girl HQ. She is also launching monthly mindful relaxation group sessions, and informative Nourish and Natter nutrition and mindset talks.

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