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Wendy Miller

Wendy Miller

In House Resident This Girl HQ

I support children to develop self-awareness, confidence, and resilience by teaching them how their brains work and how they think.   I help by getting children to recognise and understand their thoughts, feelings, and emotions and give them practical skills and strategies that they can use in the future. 


My work is based around specifically written stories which means that children can easily engage and access tricky topics in a non-threatening way.


My vast experience as a special educational needs teacher means that I can easily relate to children and support them effectively.


The topics I cover include worry, self confidence, self care, sensory needs, coming back from mistakes, stepping out of your comfort zone, following your big dream and positive mindset.


I tailor sessions to meet the needs of children and work closely with families and schools to get the best outcomes for children.


Children I have worked with now have the skills to express their feelings to others, build better relationships with their peers and because they feel more settled, they are able to access their learning more effectively.  Parents and teachers spend less time supporting children over arguments, worry, or overwhelm and more time enjoying learning and growing together.


Throughout my career, I have been passionate about recognising and supporting children’s individual needs along with nurturing their wellbeing and mental health. I have extensive experience supporting children with special needs and supporting them to reach their full potential.  It is amazing to see children transform into happy, confident and resilient children through the support I provide.


I work 1-1 with children and families.  These sessions can be face to face or online.  I run community group classes in Tean and Newcastle-under-Lyme.  I also work with schools and charities to support the children in their care. I run one off workshops and assemblies as well as delivering blocks of sessions for groups or classes.  I also run after school clubs for schools.

More details about the dates for my sessions and classes can be found here and bookings can be made here.

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