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Does maternity leave really exist for female business owners?

I have given much thought to whether I should write this post but feel it is relatable and indeed a very personal story to me which other women may relate to?

I became pregnant amidst the storm that was lockdown 1 in 2020, A shock in itself given that I thought I would never become a mum after two miscarriages and the impending big 40 fast approaching. I had also just launched my business and stepped away from a secure employed role. So with the household pressures of lockdown, neither me nor my partner being entitled to furlough and the added pressure of hormones we sure were in a challenging situation both personally and professionally.

I guess this is why my survival instinct kicked in - I had a new unknown brand, and a limited budget, but a whole load of passion to kick start an idea I knew was going to work. Being pregnant was not a challenge - My business was also my newborn baby and needed nurturing and also gave me sleepless nights.

This Girl Consultancy Limited has gone from strength to strength since its launch but this isn't just down to me. I quickly realised how amazing a support network can be when you tap in to it. Speaking to other women who run their own empires, work in busy roles and are career driven is so empowering - Most of whom have continued to grow & sustain their brands whilst pregnant, home school and run a busy household. Content specialists, brand ambassadors and business specialists giving me their time and expertise for free, every like, share and follow via social media has never gone unnoticed.

As my due date approaches and I only have two weeks to go, I have adapted to the understanding that although I can't enjoy the usual material benefits of being pregnant such as employment maternity pay, a social gathering to celebrate my baby shower, sharing scan appointments with my partner and the excitement of scouring the shops to buy cute baby clothes - It doesn't matter. I can be proud in knowing I am soon to reach year one since my business launch, I have a healthy baby ready to meet the world and an inner strength that burns stronger than my daily indigestion! The days might have seemed long and somewhat dark but there are brighter days ahead.


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