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Give your business a spring clean.

There is something about the clocks going forward that reframes my mindset.

Is it because I can start thinking about putting the winter coats, hats and woolly jumpers away? Is is the possibility of eating dinner al fresco or is it the prospect of a lighter electricity bill each month as we spend more time outdoors and less time with the heating and television on?

This change in mindset got me thinking, What areas of my business can I "spring clean"?.

Here are some tips to clear out more than your wardrobe as the season changes.

Get rid of the "To do" list

Now this is a tough one for me as I am a big fan of the humble list. I notice however that my unconscious bias always has my eyes searching for those tasks I want to complete whilst expenses and other less exciting tasks have a mañana feel to them. Changing my habit when it comes to a to do list doesn't mean literally not having one. I did however decide to create a business focused intention setting mindset. Creating intentions for the week and the steps I will take to achieve them gave me more focus and a greater sense of achievement. I also maintain a "top priority" strategy to my working day. Setting these #boundaries gives a personal sense of achievement. A more positive word shift and a better way to be creative in your weekly task list.

Habit and exercise tracking

Since becoming a parent in 2021, I have developed this awful habit of removing any sense of urgency in my own personal life. Transitioning away from the full time work hustle and adapting to my second full time job of being a mum became nearly as big a challenge as the sleep deprivation. For anyone looking for tips on how to manage their split between work / life balance, I strongly recommend . I purchased one of their agendas and it has transformed my organisational skills, created discipline on how to structure my day and most importantly scheduling time for myself.

I will just have another coffee (and biscuit).

Ok, This is a tough one but I developed this awful routine of buying a packet of biscuits at the start of the week and noticing that they disappeared by Friday (who is the biscuit thief?). Well the truth is I love to dunk biscuits in to a coffee and this is a spring clean must have. Replacing my hot drink (and two sugars) with water or herbal tea is no where near as exciting as biscuits but I do feel a lot more lively, my skin is clearer and I actually feel like I have achieved something when my 1 litre water bottle is empty.

Get those processes in check

Regardless of your industry or working environment, I guarantee there is a pile of paperwork that is physically or digitally in need of a spring clean. Going back to the "to do" list, I can assure you this is the task that would be on my list on the 1st and last day of every month. Creating a CRM for your contacts, Finally moving your expenses to an app means no more paper receipts and digitalising your business will make a huge difference. I recently hired a virtual assistant and she has been amazing. I would recommend Rachel Barbi at who has transformed by business. Declutter your working space.

Make new and meaningful connections

When you are busy managing clients and your day to day workload, It can be difficult to keep fresh opportunities coming through. I made myself a promise that in 2023 I would aim to meet at least 3 new contacts a month either in person or online. Whether this is to share industry knowledge, #collaboration or #networking. This has proven a great personal development tool, as well as created new opportunities. Using tools like #linkedin is a great way to boost your contacts and reach out to new businesses and connections. A tip though - Don't fall victim to the multiple mail shot route. Sending a personalised video message to new connections will show your potential new client that you are not sending cloned messages.

If you are interested in more useful tips from a flurry of inspiring women across the UK, visit our website

We host multiple monthly online and in person events focusing on your personal and professional wellness. Our community is a membership platform but also offer 121 and group coaching symposiums. Reach out to us if you would like more information.


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