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How to network and feel confident building a community without the Ick!

If you think you’ve done networking, you haven’t met the This Girl Community. This Girl community is different, because our members aren’t simply business owners They are Women, Mothers, Daughters, Friends, Wives, Partners and so much more. We aren’t defined by our businesses or titles and yet it’s often our common ground.

This Girl Consultancy and Networking was Created by Women for Women. For all of you, your well-being, your development, and your businesses. We share our lives, the ups and the downs as well as our passions and what drives us to make the world a better place. It is as important to us to support you the person alongside your business however, having spent time with many of the fabulous Women in the community I find it easy to promote them and their work and it’s because I have been witness to truer conversations about them and the work they do. I understand the person, their passions, and the drive behind their business.


We’ve probably all been to a networking session whether it’s in person or online where the person you have 3 minutes with is trying to sell you something or get a name or number from you who might buy their products. Yes, the word ick very much springs to mind and ultimately leaves you feeling deflated thinking is this how I need to ‘do business’. No, it wasn’t for me either…

This girl community was born from the want to remove the ick from networking and first and foremost to support you the individual in your business. Many of the community are solopreneurs and they help to support you in all stages of your business. The cross-section of careers, experience, and advice has been outstanding since joining in 2022. I can say with confidence that every meeting I have attended has benefitted me and my business and I hope I have had a positive impact too.

Having started my own business, Me again therapy during the pandemic I missed the local meetings to meet people in person and learn all of the aspects of running a business which I hadn’t anticipated when I decided to start my hypnotherapy practice. I made the icky mistakes above before being introduced to This Girl consultancy and networking. Bianca was so welcoming and from the start, I felt much more than a monthly membership fee (like I had felt in other networking groups, if you know you know ;).


Having seen the business expand there are so many more exciting opportunities to meet other like-minded business owners with weekly in-person and Online meetings, a new Head office with co-working space, and workshops to help you develop both your business and yourself. If you miss the creative and collaborative space of an office and are local to Newcastle under Lyme The HQ is a great place to co-work, hold a meeting, or plan a full day's training with your clients in mind.

I have taken advantage of networking with others in the community and have been blown away by how many women are driven by events that have happened in their lives and now want to help others overcome these obstacles too so that they don’t have the feel stuck or unable to cope like they once did. Whether it’s IT or marketing training or an ear to listen This Girl does have it all.

A number of the weekly events give you time to get to know each other and learn about each other and your products/services and yet there is no obligation to only be your business self. It’s also okay to show up and spend time with other women encountering the same hurdles as you and use the time to build your confidence, learn new skills, and see a friendly face in what can sometimes feel like a lonely existence of self-employment. The ethos of networking is that we do it differently, there’s no elevator pitch as we prefer our members to be real not rehearsed. We allow all voices to be heard and aren’t inclined to limit them to 60 seconds. In many of the weekly meetings, there are no hard sell yet ample opportunities to mingle, follow up with individuals one-on-one, and collaborate.


Many events are created to prioritise your well-being whether it’s a workshop or wellness hub to learn more about you and what changes will help you to be even more authentically you. Some of the greatest things I have seen since I entered the This Girl community have been seeing other women grow, flourish, and build a business they are passionate about. I have found collaborating with many of the community a great asset to my own business and professional growth.

“It has been the delight of self-employment how many collaborations I’ve taken part in, Women I’ve never met in person but consider friends”.

If you feel a little underwhelmed with other networking, are looking to build connections, drive your business, and meet like-minded women doing the best for their businesses, families, and selves check out This Girl Consultancy and Networking.


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