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Emotional Intelligence Vs Idiotic Social Media.

During these uncertain times I have found myself more than ever soul searching and I know I aren't the only one. I spent 10 weeks on furlough and was hooked in on social media.

I was just scrolling through a site one day and I came across a terrible post that went around on social media that I was actually disgusted with.

What a load of rubbish.

You are aloud to have days where all you want to do is grab a blanket, put Netflix on and eat junk food, it is healthy. It is not healthy to push yourself to your limits on a daily basis without taking time for you.

That 'you' time is so important to success, progression and the most important thing, happiness.

If you are so busy pushing yourself daily how do you know if you are progressing as a human? When I say that I don't mean progressing in your career, business or your bank account. I mean in you, can you feel the happiness because you had an amazing week at work? Can you feel how proud your family are of you? Can you feel the pleasure of helping someone in need? Or is it all just a transaction in life for you.

If you have not taken that time to feel - no matter how uncomfortable it maybe, then how do you know what progress you are making?

I am a strong believer in emotional intelligence playing a part in how we successfully interact with other humans in business or personal life. But if you can't read your own emotion then how do you read and process others? How do you release that emotion to allow for new to emotion?

It's time to worker smarter, not harder.

It's time for progression, not perfection.

It is time to look after the real you, not who you think you should be.

The message is simple - if you come out of this current lockdown or what ever hardship you are facing and you feel, then you are doing a pretty dam good job at life, because you can feel.


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