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This Girl Reflects

2020 was a pretty big year. A business launch, A pregnancy, A global pandemic and the big 40! (Oh yes and another pregnancy to follow...)

Whilst all of these individually were all a challenge, I have reflected on each factor and realised that without them, I wouldn't be in this positive reflective phase of my life.

As I sit here writing this in 2023 it feels good to say life is pretty damn good right now. So why do I want to share this?

For those who have followed my journey, You will know that I have been explicit in sharing my story and the reasons why This Girl became so much more than a business. I set out to give women a voice, change the way we as women still wear a mask and stick two fingers up to the world by being 100% unapologetically ME.

Over the past three years, a letter I wrote to myself has created a blueprint for women to share a safe space within our community to talk about who they are and what has shaped but not defined the woman they are. But, we also stand in line with the women who aren't yet ready to talk and give them that breathing space to do so.

2023 is the year to level up. We have a new website launching on International Women's Day which will reshape the way we connect with our audiences and provide a greater support network to women.

We are working closely with organisations across the country to shift employer mindsets in providing a more realistic wellness and wellbeing solution to their staff.

Our networking groups both virtual and in person are growing with our first group in Scotland going live in quarter 2. We will be doubling the number of events we run by the end of 2023.

We have some exciting partnerships to be announced with influential voices in the world of sport, wellbeing and business who all share our vision for a more accessible supportive platform for women.

An eagerly anticipated partnership with our chosen charity which will be announced at the annual members meeting.

A greater focus and awareness on the LGBTQIA+ community and how we can ensure a safe space within This Girl to spotlight on supporting our members.

This Girl as a business recognises that in order to truly support our members and community, we must invest back in to them. Every cog that turns in our business has been designed, implemented and supported by women. Our Website, Clients, Merchandise, Networking groups, Admin support, Social Strategists and Accountants are all females.

During this journey, There has been a huge focus on how I create a positive mindset shift and don't slip back in to my darker days. Having post natal depression and lockdown regulations could have easily tipped the boat the other way. BUT, I have a different perspective on life now. There are two hearts that beat alongside me every day who know nothing of my past and only of the love I give to them. There is so much I want to do in the business but the most important focus is my family.

We look forward to those who join us on this journey and it is going to be one hell of a ride x


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