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This girl can do anything she puts her amazing mind to!

Did you read that title and think 'GO GIRL!'?

I hope so, because that's exactly what we should be doing, cheering every single women on.

2020 what a heck of a year it has been so far.

Corona Virus has taken over the world, social distancing makes it impossible to date or see friends, social media is full of negativity and the amount of people loosing their jobs is unbelievable. But yet, a couple of weeks ago I sat here and said "I have had enough".

I have had enough of seeing and hearing negativity and I want to help others.

I wasn't sure how I could help someone or what I could do, but I do know how to produce content that is attractive to others and I for sure know how to recruit. I myself at this point had just returned to work after 10weeks on furlough and being addicted to TikTok. So what did I do. I made TikTok's on what recruiters and businesses like to see from candidates.

I was so nervous the first morning I put a video out, I kept thinking about the 'what if's'.

I just had to put that aside and think, what if this actually helps someone.

A few weeks have since passed since that first video and I can honestly say I regret nothing. That first video got quite a few likes and fast (intact it is still getting likes) - but it isn't because of that that I sit her smug. It is the fact that off the back of that first video I had so many messages from diffirent people. Some senior, some junior, some wanting help & advise, some just telling me they really liked my idea. I was shocked.

A week after the first TikTok went out and I was still getting messages. I was also getting asked for help. I sat down one evening to answer so many messages and thought a lot of these are the same I put out a 'poster' on LinkedIn offering help and advice and it being followed up my a release of a Q&A booklet (which I am currently just finishing).

I had done something I never dreamt of before. I was leaving myself wide open - come and get me people, ask me what you need.

Once again, the post went live and I had so many unexpected messages.

Although I have been in recruitment for 10 years I had never done this before and was terrified at the amount of quite basic questions that people needed support with.

Every person that contacted me, I replied to (and I still am) and even had zoom calls with them to meet them face to face. I had built up my own little network without realising and it felt fantastic. Knowing that after the call I had helped someone with something so simple to me and I had lifted a weight or answered the unknown was so up lifting.

You will also notice from my poster that I am quite creative - in fact - its what I am known for....not to blow my own trumpet! I love to create engaging content, posters, articles, blogs, Instagram stories, Instagram posts, LinkedIn content - you name it, if it means I can get creative I do it. This last few weeks has been such a whirlwind experience as off the back of my content I have had a few other people approach me and ask for support on creating content.

What many people do not know about me is that I am just finishing a 2 year long content production course. Some people have questioned why I did that course when I work in recruitment but what you need to think is recruitment is marketing and reaching your target audience and to appeal to them is the single most important first step for a business. I bet it all makes sense to you now...

So this evening as I am sat here writing this blog, I am grateful for myself belief and that I can do anything I put my amazing mind to, doubt or no doubt, I can do it.


Great initiative and idea re: helping those job hunting. The wave is beginning and it's going to get tidal so it's even if we only help one person, we can all make a difference.


Bianca Colclough
Bianca Colclough
Jul 12, 2020

Love this Lauren. I think it is really creative.

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