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Valentines Day starts with me.......

So last week my 11 month went off to nursery and we were asked to send him in his pyjamas and for him to bring a towel as they were focusing on wellbeing and self care. This got me thinking particularly as he is so young and what did a nursery wellbeing day involve?

As you can see above he had a wonderfully pampered day with baby yoga, baby massage, healthy food choices and a lots of relaxing. He definitely slept very well that night.

I ask the question - Do you make time for yourself? Do you use your free time to fill it with the right activities? Do you diarise time to just fully relax and recharge?

In most cases, I speak to people who never seem to have time to themselves whether it be the stresses of work, life or just not knowing how to fully be at one with the beauty of silence.

This Girl Chills is a monthly session designed with your own self care in mind, Our 90 minute home spa experience immerses you in to a sense of true calm, reflection and a period of pure self indulgence.

Our hosts have designed an evening that brings a blend of holistic therapy and transformational coaching to enlighten, awaken and align your focus of tranquility.

Join us on 20th February at 7.15pm and every month thereafter, create a habit where you have this space in your diary every month to give something back to yourself.


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